Hush at The Shooting Gallery

The Shooting Gallery‘s have a solo show from Hush planned for next month. Hush is a skilled designer who can paint some very beautiful canvases. Maybe the content isn’t groundbreaking (not much art is), and isn’t the sort of thing that I am looking to hang on my walls, but I’m not about to dis Hush or the people who like collect his art. After all, it’s very-well executed and nice to look at. Should be cool to see his new direction. Plus, his stenciled geisha at the first Cans Festival was one of the highlights of the free-for-all stencil area.

The Shooting Gallery says:

The Shooting Gallery is proud to present Passing Through: New works by Hush. This exhibit honors the empowered modern women while celebrating the creative expression of street art. Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, May 1st 2010, from 7-11 pm.

Hush uses a collision of Eastern and Western imagery to celebrate the modern woman. His manga inspired female forms speak of the strength and power that present day women own, confronting the viewer with a contemporary take on traditional figure painting. These anime women overlay a graffiti style background that references Western imagery in appreciation of cross-cultural influences of Asian culture and Western values.

Passing Through is a darker body of work visiting the concept of life and death.This progression on the part of Hush reveals deeper, more mature paintings. Following in suit with themes of the ephemeral, these works are inspired by Hush’s frequent travels and the graffiti he documents along the way. Each transient mark is evidence of one action and one creative expression, despite its gradual degradation over time.

Hush has developed a process of layering and defacing his canvases to mimic years of tags and wheat paste on a city wall. To begin, Hush covers the canvas with paint, graffiti tags, and collaged photocopies from graphic novels and old comics. He then uses blown up hand drawings of manga girls and screen prints them onto the canvas, embracing the medium’s imperfections by masking off specific parts to be hand painted in later. Hush paints and tags between screens to achieve a complex multilayered texture, defacing the work to reference the weathered, transient quality of street art.

Hush lives and works in the United Kingdom where he has shown extensively with Urban Angel (London) and Opus Art (London and Newcastle). His international repertoire extends to Scope Miami, Art Basel Switzerland, Fifty24SF Gallery (San Francisco), and Carmichael Gallery (Los Angeles).

Please join us for the opening reception of Passing Through: New Works by Hush on Saturday, May 1st, 2010, from 7-11pm. The exhibit will be on view through June 5th, 2010, and is open to the public.

Hush has also made a screenprint for this show. Looking West (above) is a 4 color screenprint on top of a giclee and has been printed as an edition of 50. It’s might be available for pre-order now at The Shooting Gallery for $400.

Things I Meant To Post About Yesterday…

Things have been very busy here at Carmichael Gallery lately as we prepare for our Saturday opening with Nina, so I didn’t get a chance to write about a few of the things that were on my “need to post” list yesterday. First up, Faile has released some new prints and original works on paper and they’re some of the nicest I’ve seen in a while. Faile just continue to grow on me and I love what they’re doing these days with their wood pieces. As regards the release, I just checked their site and it appears that the two originals and one of the three prints are sold out. Both my favorite original, No Escape: Return To Faile (the image above), and my favorite print, the same image but in purple hues and entitled No Escape, have gone. Here’s my second favorite, the other sold original, which has the frankly awful-sounding name of Wrong End 86 Katsina (the print version (similar but yellow as opposed to orange) is simply and much more appealingly called Wrong End Of The Rainbow), below.

Sorry for posting another item that is sold out, but it’s still worth mentioning Lazarides‘ release of JR’s Women Are Heroes book. Each of the twenty copies boasts a hand-pasted, thus unique, cover image of Self-Portrait In A Woman’s Eye (Kenya), one of my favorite of JR’s photographs.

Laz also has some cute Lucy McLauchlan Paint Pots available.

Finally, Opus just released some nice limited edition collab prints by Dan Baldwin and Hush.

– Elisa

SCOPE Miami Preview

We gallerists have all been extremely busy here at SCOPE today. Take a look below at some of the work we’ll be showing at the preview tomorrow! I’ve tried to stick to mainly images of urban-related art (and there’s a lot to be found here!) Allow my buddy Ellis G (below), one of the fair’s featured artists, to guide you.

Ellis G

Maya Hayuk

Maya Hayuk at Anonymous Gallery.

Judith Supine

Judith Supine at New Image Art.


Evol at Wilde Gallery

AJ Fosik

AJ Fosik at Jonathan Levine Gallery (not street but a very cool piece). That’s a chunk of a very long James Jean in the background.


Calma at Jonathan Levine Gallery.

Sixeart, Nunca, Mark Jenkins

Sixeart, Nunca, Mark Jenkins at our booth (Carmichael Gallery)


Hush (also at our booth)

Dave Kinsey, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Cleon Peterson

Dave Kinsey, Tomokatsu Matsuyama, Cleon Peterson at Joshua Liner Gallery

Tomokazu Matsuyama

Another piece by Tomokatsu Matsuyama at Joshua Liner (not a very nice photo, but this piece is beautiful in person)

Ok, that’s it for now!

Upcoming print from Hush


Still more than a month to go before Hush’s London solo show Innocence at Urban Angel, but already the images are leaking out. Here’s one of the prints:

hush print

Upfest in Bristol

This past weekend, the UK played host to two big street art and graffiti festivals. I’ll do a post on each. First, Bristol’s Upfest. This event is more street art focused. Probably the biggest named involved was Hush. Here are a few of the highlights…

Painting and photo by Blam
Painting and photo by Blam
Work by Hush. Photo by Rusty Sheriff
Work by Hush. Photo by Rusty Sheriff

More after the jump… Continue reading “Upfest in Bristol”

Coming up at Carmichael Gallery

I wouldn’t normally have my only post for a day be about a gallery that I’ve never even had the privilage of seeing in person, but I found some exciting news about Carmichael Gallery in LA.

Chris Stain Carmichael

Right now, they have a solo show with Chris Stain on called “Up on The Roof Countin’ Pigeons”, which is cool in its own right.

The shows after that are what I’m particularly excited about though. March 5th sees the opening of solo shows are Carmichael Gallery by Hush, Flip, and Veng. Can’t wait for these.

Hush Carmichael

A Failed Attempt at Flight by Veng
"A Failed Attempt at Flight" by Veng

Photos from Carmichael Galley and Veng