Pablo Delgado at Howard Griffin Gallery

6-Pablo Delgado Even Less Howard Griffin Gallery

Pablo Delgado has a solo show, Even Less, on right now through June 8th at Howard Griffin Gallery in London. It’s pretty clear that photos don’t do this show justice, but I’m going to post some anyway. I’m bummed that I won’t be able to see this in person. If you have seen it, please leave a comment with your thoughts.

Pablo Delgado Even Less 2

Pablo Delgado’s work is so great on the street, but it’s also so street-specific. The joy of the work is the scale and the surprise and that it’s on the street and a bit different from what anyone is expecting, even from other street art. It’s makes me very happy to see that, from what I can tell from these photos at least, Delgado has found a few interesting ways to translate his ideas indoors. Not an easy task. Congrats!

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The Bestiary, a new show from Phlegm


Well this looks like it’s gonna be a special one… The Bestiary is the latest show from Phlegm. Lately I’ve been trying to avoid just recycling content from Arrested Motion and elsewhere, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. In this case, I just had to give this show some love. Rather than a commercial show, The Bestiary is an installation that seems more in-line with what Phlegm might do if given the right abandoned building and enough time. The concept for the show sounds like something Roa might do if he painted imaginary creatures: A sort of painted curiosity cabinet containing both real and fantastical beasts. The Bestiary is an invitation towards understanding Phlegm’s universe, where his creations will all be organized for inspection as if in a science lab. If The Bestiary comes together and works as a cohesive show, it could be a magical event.

The Bestiary opens on February 1st and will run through March 4th at Howard Griffin Gallery in London.


Photos courtesy of Howard Griffin Gallery