Alex Pardee & Greg “Craola” Simkins Halloween Print Release

Two of my favorite artists of all time Alex Pardee and Greg “Craola” Simkins recently teamed up to create this special Halloween print appropriately entitled “The Orange Lantern”. I can’t think of a cooler collaboration and the concept fits both of these guys perfectly!

The print is now available as an ultra limited giclee print from Zerofriends. Each print is hand signed and numbered and also comes packaged with a FREE additional 10″ x 8″ print displaying the story of The Orange Lantern which you can read in full on Alex’s  Juxtapoz Blog.

Neck Face Returns This Halloween

I’m a huge Neck Face fan. No really, a HUGE fan! From the camo and balaclava clad get up, to his scratchy carvings and cannibalistic creations, the whole Neck Face persona has always intrigued and fascinated me. I mean the name “Neck Face” in itself is enough to warrant a good dose of media and public attention; something that Mr.Neck Face has never shied away from, even snagging himself an up coming documentary involving director Spike Jonze. A quick search of Youtube or Google will find you a number of videos with Neck Face openly embracing the cameras into his world, happily discussing his influences and ideas. But that fact that the very same search exposes the once anonymous graffiti artist from California (if you look hard enough), is probably more then enough reason to lay low and cool off for a while. Right?

Well apparently not because Neck Face is back with a new solo show, Into Darkness – which in true Neck Face fashion is naturally opening this Halloween. The show will feature his latest series of drawings, paintings, and sculptures. While maintaining the hand style and imagery now considered his trademark, this body of work introduces new elements into Neck Face’s visual codex. A collection of watercolors, with vignettes arranged in comic strip format, feature his idiosyncratic, stubble-haired creatures.

Here’s a cool video from the opening night of last years show.

I guess I’d be really interested to see how this show turns out considering the fact that for Neck Face himself, the jig is pretty much up and the novelty mystery that once surrounded who he is has seemingly come to an abrupt end. I mean, what kind of repercussions is that going to have? Do you still turn up with your balaclava on? Who knows. All I know is Neck Face will always be sick! And where as some people may say that having your own shoe line or series of skate decks and/or clothing range might be “selling out”, I say more power to him!  Get with the times people! With or without his mask Neck Face will always be a legend!