Do we need a “Go Bombing Day”?

Bomit‘s latest potential project is Go Bombing Day, an attempt at developing an organized day for getting up. In the UK at least, Christmas is already an unofficial Go Bombing Day for writers, but it’s not an organized event and it’s not global. Bomit’s hope is that a more organized Go Bombing Day could encourages artists around the world get active and also acknowledge the great artists who have been instrumental in the development of the street art, graffiti and stickering communities. Bomit is already promising free paint and asking for official participants who will paint on this yet-to-be-determined date and put the words “Go Bombing Day” in their piece. So, is Go Bombing Day a good idea?

Personally, I’m not sure. On the one hand, it would be great to get people out en masse putting up work. More art = good. Maybe it’s that simple. Shouldn’t it be? The event could be the precursor to a number of mini-festivals around the world, sort of like Meeting of Styles. But and organized Go Bombing Day may also mean that artists getting up on that day get enveloped by a sort of brand, even if it’s a noncommercial one. Go Bombing Day might encourage non street artists to paint their first walls, but it may also encourage people to get out and paint that first wall purely for the sake of self-promotion, already a concern in the street art community.

But what do I know? I wouldn’t be a participant in Go Bombing Day anyway. What do the artists think? Let us know in the comments.

Photo by RJ Rushmore