GHOST on Manhattan’s Lower East Side with Matt Siren, Kenji Nakayama and much more

Kenji Nakayama

Last weekend, as I was walking down Eldridge Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, I was lured into GHOST, a café/bar that recently surfaced on the block. It wasn’t the food and drink — though certainly enticing — that lured me in, but the art that I glimpsed from outside. Among the works on display are a series of signs designed by Matt Siren — all featuring his signature ghost — in collaboration with some of NYC’s most prolific street artists including Dark Clouds, Celso and Royce Bannon. Particular standouts include huge pieces by Richard Hambleton and by Japanese-born Boston-based Kenji Nakayama. It soon became apparent that GHOST is an extension of one of my favorite galleries, Woodward Gallery, that will be presenting Kenji’s first NYC exhibition. (More on that in a later post!) Meanwhile, if you are anywhere in the vicinity of of 132A Eldridge Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, GHOST is certainly worth a visit.

Matt Siren

Images courtesy Woodward Gallery

TT Underground Presents New Works by GHOST

Originally focused on bombing trains back in the late 80’s, GHOST has developed into a first-rate painter. I love his spirited work on exhibit through Sunday at TT Underground (91 Second Ave. in the East Village): its zany characters, brilliant colors and synthesis of styles. Here’s a sampling:

For a historical perspective on the graffiti of GHOST’s era and GHOST’s personal and artistic evolution, Ket’s book GHOST RIS CREW (published by From Here to Fame) is worth a read.

Photos by Lois Stavsky