The Futura Snowboard

Besides street art, my passion is snowboarding. That’s why I love the latest Burton Vapor (their top of the line board). The graphics have been designed by Futura. Check them out below. While I’m not a huge fan of the bottom of this board (the image on the right), the top looks sweet. A bit out of my price range (kind of like an original Futura), but still, wow. Nice board.

Futura Board

Futura, Phil Frost and Stash Exhibit in Dubai

Urban/street/graffiti art seems to be everywhere these days. One place I haven’t yet seen it much yet though is the Arab world. What better introduction to those genres than Futura, Phil Frost and Stash. Well later this month, KRUNK and Cuadro Fine Art Gallery are putting on a show with those three artist in Dubai.


KRUNK in collaboration with Cuadro Fine Art Gallery is proud to present a historic three-man exhibition in Dubai, featuring original works by urban art pioneers Futura, Stash and Phil Frost. On the pulse of the contemporary art world, KRUNK/Cuadro will provide foreign markets in the Middle East and beyond a rare opportunity to view and purchase extraordinary new collections by these world-renowned Contemporary Urban Artists. The show will launched by Cuadro during Art Dubai, the U.A.E’s contemporary art fair, which in only its third year has become a leader in the global art scene. A Collectors Lunch on Tuesday, March 17th and an evening Preview Reception on Thursday, March 19 will open the exhibition, and it will remain on view to the public until June 17, 2009.

The unprecedented exhibition represents the debut of KRUNK in Dubai, the cultural hotspot of the Middle East, and exposes never-before-seen works by Futura, Stash and Phil Frost to new audiences. Sharing a common interest in innovating unusual avenues in the contemporary art market, KRUNK partnered with Cuadro, one of the largest and the most prestigious galleries in the Middle East, to create a dynamic platform for representing artists in today’s global art community. The exhibition breaks the mold, reaching beyond cultural and national boundaries to present these notable Contemporary Urban Artists in an unparalleled forum and show their work alongside leading Middle Eastern and International artists. Utilizing Cuadro’s cutting-edge space and latest design concepts for displaying fine art, a site-specific installation will be rendered by Futura for this landmark event. Music and film backdrops will heighten the viewing experience and the exhibition will feature a soundtrack by acclaimed producer and electronic musician Damian Taylor using recorded samples of Futura at work. “KRUNK breaks with tradition, and this show is aimed at reaching new audiences. These legendary artists will have the opportunity to connect with an exciting emerging market as part of international art fair in Dubai. It is our pleasure to be presenting Futura, Stash and Phil Frost on this unique stage.”

– from KRUNK Video Interview with Futura

While I was surfing around YouTube today, I found this 2-part interview with and Futura from back in October. Looks like not too many people have seen it though. If you like Futura, you should definitely check these out:

Beautiful New Futura Prints

HOOKED beat me to the punch on this one, but there’s some amazing news today for fans of the legendary graffiti artist Futura: On December 10th, he’ll be selling two beautiful screenprints at Hang-Up Pictures. The images come from his recent LA show, Strategic Synchronicity. The image on the left, “Helix Object” may have been the highlight of the LA show, so I’m excited to see it in the form of a 19 COLOR print.

Sounds like most of these prints will be sold on Krunk‘s website at some point, but numbers 75-100 of each print are going up on Hang-Up Pictures December 10th for £525 each (inc VAT).


“Fornax Alpha” (Green)
17 colors: 3 blues, 5 greens, 4 blacks, and 5 whites
Edition: 100
Size: 39” x 45”
Signed, numbered and dated

“Helix Object” (Red)
19 colors: 6 reds, 4 blacks, 2 purples, 1 yellow, 3 grays, and 3 whites
Edition: 100
Final size: 39” x 45”
Signed, numbered and dated