Dope freights by Troy Lovegates


If you’ve ever wandered through a train yard, work like Troy Lovegates‘ (aka Other’s) is the kind of jaw-dropping stuff you feel fortunate to have come cross. For the past few months Lovegates has been spending time in Germany, but with all his freight car pieces running, his presence will be felt across borders.







Photos by Other

Illegal Baltimore part one: Pieces and freights

Stab HOD

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to be able to visit Baltimore during their Open Walls Baltimore mural program. In addition to being fortunate enough to meet some of the most amazing artists from around the world, I was also able to explore the many hidden graffiti spots that the area had to offer. With a local writer as my guide, I was able to document over two dozen spots and see a wide range of work. Due to the prolific nature of Baltimore’s graffiti scene, the posts have been divided into three parts: pieces and freights, rollers, and street pieces. Continue reading “Illegal Baltimore part one: Pieces and freights”