The Free Zulu Project

A few weeks ago I posted about The Treatment Rooms. In that post, I briefly mentioned the Angola 3 and Kenny Zulu Whitmore. They are prisoners in Angola Prison who have spent over 30 years in solitary confinement. Their stories are really terrible, and you can learn more on Wikipedia or Zulu’s website.

The Free Zulu organization is trying to get justice for Zulu and raise money for his legal defense fund (currently, Zulu doesn’t even have a lawyer). Their efforts are largely funded by art projects. Right now they have “OBEY” style tshirts for sale and some tiles from The Treatment Rooms. Later this year, Matt Small will be painting a portrait of Zulu, and hopefully more artists will get involved in the future.

These are the sort of things that make me really glad I’m involved in street art and really upset that I’m from America, but at least we can do something to help.