Miami Madness, part one

Chanoir and El Xupet Negre
Chanoir and El Xupet Negre

Well, the street artists went to Miami, did their thing, and now most everyone is on their way back home. I’m guessing we’ll have a few more posts on Vandalog devoted to the murals left behind in Miami this year, but my friend Olive47 has sent over a few photos to get us started. There’s work by Chanoir, El Xupet Negre, Celso Gonzalez, Olive47, Free Humanity, La Pandilla, Logan Hicks, and one unknown artist (if you know, please leave a comment) 2Square.

La Pandilla
La Pandilla

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And one last thing about Miami

Jade. Photo by Jade

This is (probably) my last post about the outdoor work at Basel Miami 2011. Here’s a somewhat random selection of pieces that went up this year by Entes, Jade, Col, Anthony Lister, Free Humanity, Pez, Chanoir, How and Nosm, Greg LaMarche, Romi, Aeon, Haze, Aaron De La CruzJohn Wendelbo, Mare139, Gaia and others. Some of the walls are from Graffuturism’s In Situ project, and you can find a full set of those walls on their site along with an introduction to that project written by Haze.

Gaia. Photo by Mike Pearce
Haze. Photo by Clams Rockefeller

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Miami murals captured in progess


Mike Pearce was in Miami last week taking photos of the murals getting painted. As it has been over the past few years, Wynwood was overrun (in, I think, a good way) for about a week with artists working outdoors on any wall they could get permission to paint or get away with painting. Here are a few of Mike’s pictures of the artists at work…

La Pandilla
Free Humanity, Anthony Lister and Col
Pixel Pancho
Augustine Kofie
Greg Mike
Tati Suarez
Entes and Jade
Buff Monster
Trek 6

Photos by Mike Pearce