How many street artists can Hyundai rip off in 30 seconds?

Screenshot from the Hyundai ad

Major hat tip to Ian Cox for coming across this one, as well as Caroline Caldwell for alerting me to Ian’s find and for research help.

A car commercial currently airing on UK television for the Hyundai i20 appears to steal the work of at least half a dozen street artists in just 30 seconds. Here’s the ad:

I guess this just goes to show you what advertising executives mean by “inspiration”.

How many stolen pieces can you spot? Spoilers after the jump.

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Vandalog Movie Night as a blog post

Earlier this week, I hosted a movie night at The Wren’s Nest in Atlanta for the Living Walls Conference. Living Walls asked me to put together a list of some short films to show, and I ended up with 27. A few people have asked me to post those films online to share with friends or just to see a film that they missed while they were getting some food, so after the jump you’ll find embedded versions of all 27 films that were screened at the movie night (many of which have appeared on Vandalog before). Enjoy! Continue reading “Vandalog Movie Night as a blog post”

Filthy Luker’s giant Space Invaders game

Filthy Luker‘s latest street intervention was up last month in Manchester: A building-sized and playable game of Space Invaders using construction materials and lights. Similar projects have certainly been done elsewhere, but using the construction materials makes this one distinctly a Filthy Luker project (and easily moveable to new locations). Here’s a video of the piece coming together and in action:

If you have more examples of similar projects, please post them in the comments.

Photo by dullhunk

Via Urban Art Core

Rising Stars in Bethnal Green

Yet another group show for the holiday season, High Roller Society will play host to their roster (and some special guest artists) for a festive group show. Opening December 4, the exhibit features the likes of Filthy Luker, Pufferella, Run and a few others. Personally, I always love the outdoor conceptual/sculptural pieces by Luker, so he should be a highlight of the show.

Whitecross Street Party

On July 24th and 25th, the “Whitecross Street Party: The Rise of the Non-comforsits” will be in full swing in London.  The whole street will turn into a creative canvas for leading street artists including Shepard Fairey, Dotmasters, Filthy Luker, Eelus, Burning Candy,  and much more. Right now, everyone involved is starting to put up the public pieces, but come the weekend, the road will be turned into a giant block party. Let’s just hope these pieces get to stick around for awhile because I am really liking what I see thus far.

The full list of artists and activities can seen on the Whitecross website here.

Here are some pictures of the setup of the event that were caught today.

Shepard Fairey, Peter Dunne and Filthy Luker
Burning Candy

All Photos Via Wxstreet Party