INFAMY – A Graffiti Film

One thing I’ve noticed through my lack of productivity as of late is that there are a ton of graffiti orientated films and documentaries out there. For the most part many of them are really great to watch and INFAMY is one such bi product of documenting the graffiti scene that really caught my attention. Whilst it may not be all that new to some of you, I was so impressed by the documentary I felt compelled to post something about it here.

INFAMY is an intense journey into the dangerous lives and obsessed minds of six of America’s most prolific graffiti artists. The movie takes you deep into the world of street legends SABER, TOOMER, JASE, CLAW, EARSNOT, and ENEM. With brutal honesty, humor and charisma, these artists reveal why they are so willing to risk everything to spray paint their cities with “tags,” “throwups,” and full-color murals.  From the streets of the South Bronx to the solitude of a San Francisco tunnel, from high atop a Hollywood billboard to North Philadelphia for a lesson in “Philly-style tags,” from the Mexican border to a Cleveland train yard, INFAMY doesn’t analyze or glorify graffiti – it takes you there and brings it to life.

Check out the 10 minute clip above (The rest can be found on Youtube if you look hard enough!).

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Gallery 1988 Presents “Crazy 4 Cult: The Case of the Redundant Number”

For the fourth year in a row, Los Angeles based Gallery 1988 will host “Crazy 4 Cult,” an exhibition of 100 artists displaying their interpretations of notorious films and their characters.  A favorite show in the film capital of the world, some of the artists include Allison Sommers, Rich Pellegrino, and Glen Brogan putting their own creative aesthetic onto Hollywood movie magic.  Film art is steadily showing to be a popular asset made evident by the sale of Ron English’s Large Marilyn Red Peach at Phillips de Pury’s artful film auction, which sold for double the estimate at over $30,000.

“Crazy 4 Cult” runs from July 9-30.  The opening reception takes place July 9 from 7-10pm featuring hosts Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, New Jersey’s own cult filmmakers who directed some of my favorite indie comedies including Clerks, Dogma, and Jay and Silent Bob.  Fun Fact: I actually live a few minutes from The Quick Stop. Shout out to Leonardo.

Glen Brogan
Allsion Sommers
Rich Pellegrino

Photos courtesy of Gallery 1988