Ladies Run Basel with Women on the Walls

Maya Hayuk

This year Wywood Walls turned five and to mark the special occasion curator Jeffrey Deitch called on on the finest ladies in the field for Women on the Walls. International artists AikoMiss VanFafiMaya HayukLady PinkFaith47LakwenaKashinkSheryoOlekTooflyClaw MoneyJessie & Katey, Myla, and Shamsia Hassani all created murals or showed in the adjacent exhibition space. The participating artists have come from cities such as Cape Town, Paris, New York, and London. Part gallery part mural exhibition, the project acts as a history guide to the great presence of women muralists.

Miss Van

Women on the Walls is a dream come true and also a proverbial screw you to people who say that the reason women artists are often overshadowed in the media is due to a dearth in street art. That, to be blunt, is bullshit. Older artists and the younger generation they inspired came together in the Wynwood district of Miami this Art Basel to prove their stronghold in the public art community. The scope of media alone proves their mastery of the craft as spray paint, yarn, text, stencils, and free handed characters all co-mingle to form a variety that has something to please most tastes.


Not only is the perfect storm of artists curated in this year’s Wynwood Walls enough to be in awe of, additionally Martha Cooper has shared some breathtaking progress photos. As artfully as the walls are decorated, each image thoughtfully reveals the personas behind the iconography. Each picture displays the strength of these women, whether unveiling the sheer amount of effort behind a production to those who stand boldly in front of completed pieces. Cooper shows that these women are heroes, or warriors as Toofly depicts, taking on whatever challenges lay in their wake and simply killing it.


All photos by Martha Cooper

Fafi Pop Up Show in Paris


From June 14th – June 22, for one week only, Galerie LJ in Paris will be hosting a pop up solo show featuring works by Fafi. Not only as in iconic street artist in her own right, Fafi has patented her art and her name to become an incredibly popular international brand. I haven’t seen new work from her in awhile, so this show is an exciting for treat for fans of her brightly coloured empowered female illustrations. The pop-up is mainly to promote the sale of a 10 separate print releases (at 350 Euros each) and an array of collaborations for cheaper goods like shoes and mugs with companies like Vans and Married to the MOB.

To see the invite and a sneak peak at some new prints check out the event on facebook.


Photo courtesy of Galerie LJ