Great In ’08: PMP Says…

As part of Vandalog’s “Great in ’08” series, which will be running every day for the rest of the month. Check out previous posts here. Street artists from across the world have been given one post to give away to one artist who they feel has been doing great work recently. Today it’s Peripheral Media Projects‘ turn.

Who is one artist doing really great work right now?

Garrison of PMP: One artist that inspires me with really great work is Ezra Li, hailing from the city of Oakland, CA.  He decorates the SF Bay and beyond with hyper-skilled art.  His work transcends street, graf, painting, and collage, as he uses all of these things plus an arsenal of other visual weaponry like calligraphic energy vibrations and tight illustration.  I really appreciate that Ezra Li combines solid art chops with a deeper spirituality and consciousness that transcends most other work out there.  His creations are not only stunning to look at but heady as well.

Ghost Town by Ezra Li
Ghost Town by Ezra Li

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