ParisFreeWalls is a mural program in Paris that have organized 11 walls since last November, including contributions from some of my favorite artists. It’s being curated by MSAGallery. Here are a few of the highlights from the program so far.

David Shillinglaw

Photos courtesy of ParisFreeWalls

Open Walls Baltimore Kicks Off

Open Walls Baltimore is a project that I have been personally coordinating with the not for profit Station North and is supported by the PNC foundation and a generous Our Town grant from the NEA. The intention is of course to produce great art on the streets and put on for my city that I love so much. Yet, of course, as every public art project must be, the OWB initiative will hopefully produce more than just spectacular murals. This is about an investment in a neighborhood that is burdened by 150 vacant homes and bridging the gaps between the artist community that calls Station North home and the residents of Greenmount West. Inspired by my experience with both Wynwood Walls in Miami and Living Walls in Atlanta, this initial and very exciting start will hopefully result in a continued support for public art and experimental intervention that can become more holistic as time moves forward. The current line up is as follows: Interesni Kazki, Maya Hayuk, Swoon, Specter, Doodles, Jaz, Ever, Freddy Sam, Mata Ruda, Nanook, MOMO, Vhils, Sten and Lex, Chris Stain, Jetsonorama, Overunder, and others. The website is now live. More to come!!!

Photos by Martha Cooper

Ever’s latest murals

"Religious silence in a communist context." Photo courtesy of Ever

Here are two of Ever‘s newest murals. The one above is in Mexico city and was organized by Mamutt Creatividad and Cauce Ciudadado.

And just this week Ever finished this mural, Les enfants observaient le progres de la ville communiste quand le capitalisme est arrivé (“The children are looking at the progress of the communism city when the capitalism arrives) is in Buenos Aires. Graffitimundo has a great explanation of what exactly Ever is getting at with that wall.

Photo by Graffitimundo

Photos courtesy of Ever and by Graffitimundo

Living Walls hits Miami

Jaz. Click image to view large. Photo by Jaz

Even the Atlanta-based mural conference Living Walls managed to make it to Miami this year for Art Basel Miami. Partnering with Primary Flight, Living Walls organized spots for Jaz, Know Hope and Ever. Mike Pearce caught photos of the walls in progress and after they were finished, and here are some of his pictures:

Know Hope
Jaz working on a mural
Jaz working on a mural
Ever's mural in progress
Ever working on his mural

Photos by Mike Pearce and Jaz

The street art culture of Argentina

Other, Ever and Jaz

This documentary about street art in Buenos Aires, Argentina gives a great sense of the scene, the people and the culture that make up their street art community. It includes interviews with a number of Argentinian artists, including Jaz and Ever. I liked the video, but if that description doesn’t sound like your thing, just skip ahead to 10 minutes in, because the story of José Carlos Martinat Mendoza’s time in Argentina is one that you definitely have to hear.

Paredes Robadas from Ian Moubayed on Vimeo.

Photo by Other

Even more from Living Walls

Ever and Freddy Sam. Photo by nickmickolas

In what is likely the second-t0-last post of murals from Living Walls in Atlanta, here’s work by Ever, Freddy Sam, Never, Gawd, Labrona, OverUnder, LNY, Sharktoof, Feral Child, Entes and Pesimo.

Feral Child. Photo by Feral Child
Labrona, Overunder and Gawd. Photo by nickmickolas
Entes and Pesimo. Photo by nickmickolas
Never. Photo by nickmickolas
LNY. Photo by nickmickolas
Sharktoof. Photo by Greg Mike

Photos by Greg Mike, Feral Child and nickmickolas