“Groundbreak” Opens as Abe Lincoln, Jr., Jon Burgerman & Ellis Gallagher Transform Artist Alley

This past Thursday, we came upon Jon Burgerman gracing Artist Alley @ Extra Place off East 1st Street between Bowery and 2nd Ave. with his wonderfully zany characters.  Yesterday Tara returned for the artists’ reception, where — she reports — the vibes were as cool as the art. The current artwork remains @ Extra Place through March 18, 2012. Here are some more shots of “Groundbreak” curated by Joyce Manalo of ArtForward & Keith Schweitzer of MaNY Project:

Abe Lincoln, Jr.'s lovable characters
Jon Burgerman's completed sidewalk mural
Abe Lincoln, Jr. in a rather somber pose & Jon Burgerman seemingly as cheerful as his art
Photos by Tara Murray

Indelibly Ephemeral: Ellis Gallagher in Miami

Have you seen this great short film of Ellis Gallagher doing his 120 Seconds for Friends We Love? If not, it’s definitely worth a watch, as are all of the docs in FWL’s multi-series web tv station (Doze Green, Aakash Nihalani, Kenny Scharf, Poster Boy and Jeff Soto are just some of the artists they have profiled to date who may be of interest to you.)  Whilst the Friends We Love team and I are stuck in LA, however, Ellis is flying down to Miami in a couple days to begin prep for his upcoming solo show, Indelibly Ephemeral, at Adjust Gallery. The April 9th opening is conveniently timed to coincide with the Wynwood Second Saturdays Art Walk.

The show will remain up through April 23rd, but I recommend stopping in at the opening if you can; in addition to the works, which span a broad range of media, that will be on display, Ellis will be there in person creating installations throughout the night. I’m not sure if he’s planning to fire tag, but I hope he does – it’s cool to watch.

On a more personal note: Ellis will probably ask me to take this down when he reads this, but recently we were having a drink near the back of a bar somewhere in Bushwick and he suddenly jumped up and started setting the wall on fire. It looked really good, too (until someone came toward us on their way to the restroom and he had to blow it out.) Seriously, though, it’s moments like this that underline the spontaneity I love about his process and the fact that it can manifest itself in so many different forms. Here’s a more classic piece below.

Show Info:

Saturday, April 9 | 5:00pm – 11:00pm

Adjust Gallery

150 NW 24th St
Miami, FL

– Elisa

Fire photo by me, chalk photo by Ellis.