Kill Pixie Solo in Brisbane

Kill Pixie/Mark Whalen is one of the most talented Australian artists connected with the street scene, so I’m always interested when he does something new. Brisbane isn’t exactly my favorite city in the world, but I wouldn’t mind making a quick trip there next week to check out Observatory at Edwina Corlette Gallery, which from the preview looks like it will be another great show from KP. It even looks better than his last two shows, and I enjoyed them. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces below (with Kill Pixie, I think the trippier and busier the work is, the better) and, if you’re in Brisbane, head over to the gallery and let me know what things are like in person. I’d like to review it in the April issue of The Art Street Journal.

Here’s a studio shot that helps give a sense of size for some of the pieces.

Pics via Kill Pixie and Edwina Corlette.

– Elisa