Nuart 2011

David Choe and DVS-1

This year, Vandalog hasn’t been covering the Nuart festival in Norway nearly as closely as we should. Some great work has gone up by a bunch of artists over the last few weeks. Between Nuart’s flickr page and the coverage at Arrested Motion though, the festival has been covered extensively elsewhere. Check out Arrested Motion for Nuart contributions by Lucy McLauchlan, Dan Witz, Phlegm, Herakut, Vhils (including what may be my new favorite piece by him), Escif, David Choe and DVS-1 and Nuart’s flickr set for even more images.

Photo by CF Salicath

David Choe and DVS hit London

David Choe and his partner DVS have been in London preparing for Hell’s Half Acre, the show we mentioned recently that Lazarides Gallery is putting on in the Leake Street tunnels. They also took some time out to paint a few pieces on the graffiti covered walls of Leake Street.

These are a few of my favorites, but Choe has a bunch more photos on his blog.

Photos by David Choe