DOTS parts 1-3 online now

A painting from James Jessop's "Subway Fiction" series

Parts 1-3 of DOTS, a series of films about London’s Burning Candy crew, have just been posted on The films follow members of Burning Candy as they travel around the world. So far, Luc Price aka Cyclops has visited India to work with signpainters, Rowdy has traveled to the Australian outback to see ancient wall-painting techniques and graffiti-history obsessed James Jessop saw New York City for the first time. Here are their stories…

(okay here’s a trailer first actually)

And now the actual films…

Bomb Chaser with James Jessop, which is without a doubt the highlight of DOTS so far and the one you should watch if you only watch one of these:

Beyond Cosmos with Rowdy:

Bollywood Clout with Luc Price aka Cyclops:

Also, James Jessop has a solo show opening tonight, also called Bomb Chaser, at Charlie Smith Gallery in London. Hooked has more info on that.

Photo by Lyfetime

Burning Candy DOTS Promo Video

Note from the editor: It should be mentioned that in the past I’ve been paid by the people making DOTS to help out on various parts of the project (though I was paid in artwork). Also, I still do communicate with them and help them out in small ways, but I don’t get paid for that. Also, for more info on this project and how you can help the film get made, check out Arrested Motion. – RJ

DOTS short promo from Dots Films on Vimeo.

Some of you may remember us covering the newest up and coming street art documentary DOTS a few months back. Well now the mysterious filmmaker known only as as The Baron has released this teaser trailer (above) for the documentary which follows the members of London’s notorious Burning Candy Crew around various parts of the world.

Juxtapoz has also recently conducted a interview with The Baron where he talks about his relationship with BC, how he came up with the idea for DOTS and what he hopes to accomplish once its ready for public viewing. You can read that interview here

More info on DOTS at