RIME For Dolby Digital

Feast your eyes on this new video for Dolby Digital featuring New York graffiti artist RIME.

“For this piece I attempted to create something inspired by an excerpt from a 1951 documentary, on the process and philosophy of Jackson Pollock. A lot of what Pollock says in the following clip is relatable to my experiences with free-styling graffiti pieces. Pollock talks about the comfort and expressive feeling he gets when working large and loose. This way of approaching work has been something that I have focused on in the past 15 years of my 20 year career as a writer.” says Rime.

Rime has traveled to and painted in over 17 major U.S. cities, 6 European countries, Japan and Taiwan. In 2005 he founded The Exchange, an elite group of graffiti stylists from North America and Europe. Now based in Los Angeles Rime works closely with The Seventh Letter Crew on art based murals and gallery shows. Rime’s mission is to solidify the idea that graffiti is a viable and innovative art form. With the hint of pop culture’s welcoming back of graffiti art, Rime realizes it is up to the artists that are actually out there putting in work to be responsible for the way the art form pans out in history.

You can check out exclusive photos from the shoot and more over at Rimes blog here