Wild Style Wednesday!

Skare in Paris. Photo by VitoStreet

They say actions are louder than words and a picture says a thousand words… Graffiti is the action of painting a picture of a word, thus making it an ultimate means of communication for mankind. -Szr (via 12ozProphet)

Rude Cake. Photo by by Spam Crew
Shane. Photo by HowAboutNo!
Sueme. Photo by Wojofoto
Dabs/Myla. Photo by thesaltr
Dash. Photo by Morac19
Rulers. Photo by Big Bozo
Ta'Mere. Photo by HowAboutNo!

Best of Philly sticker art: Part two

Roger, UnderWaterPirates and Ghoest. Photo by RJ Rushmore

Following up on last week’s post about the sticker art in Philadelphia, here’s part two of Vandalog’s series on some of the top sticker artists in Philadelphia. Thanks again to El Toro for his input in developing this list. Here are the artists (in no particular order):

1. Roger

Roger. Photo by Roger
Roger. Photo by Roger

2. Radius

Radius and Blip. Photo by Damonabnormal
Radius. Photo by RJ Rushmore

3. Gonz

Gonz. Photo by Damonabnormal
Gonz. Photo by RJ Rushmore

4. WTF and Dash

WTF. Photo by Damonabnormal
WTF and Dash. Photo by damonabnormal

5. Two artists I’m liking whose names I don’t know (but let me know if you do)…

Photo by RJ Rushmore
Photo by RJ Rushmore

Photos by RJ Rushmore, Damonabnormal and Roger