Turning newspaper bins into parties


Josh Gordon and Danny Gonzalez have a mission. They say, “We take gross newspaper boxes and turn them into parties.” Check out the video below to see what they mean:

I don’t think anyone has ever truly been excited to open up a newspaper bin to grab their daily paper, but party boxes make that activity fun. I would love to randomly open up a Party Box. So much street art today is just decoration, but Gordon and Gonzalez are bringing back that element of surprise that is essential to the best street art. Sure, the party boxes are labeled so they might not be a complete surprise to everyone, but I doubt most people opening up the boxes will recognize the purple lightening bolt and think, “This is a Party Box.”

Finally, yes, I’ll acknowledge that party boxes are a bit silly, but they’re also kind of awesome, and the idea makes me smile.

Photo courtesy of Party Box