Weekend link-o-rama

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Had about 4 days away from a computer and it’s taken me nearly as long to catch up on emails. This post should help to finish that task. Here’s what I missed while I was away:

Photo by Other

DMV and more at Galore Festival

Dran DMV

As we mentioned the other day, Roa and the French Da Mental Vaporz crew (Blo, Bom.k, Brusk, Dran, Gris, Jaw, Kan, Sowat), as well as others, were recently in Copenhagen painting for the Galore Festival. Here are some photos of the festival by S.Butterfly, mostly of DMV’s wall. You can find more pictures from her on flickr or her blog.

First though, this is a video by S.Butterfly of DMV working on their mural…

Da Mental Vaporz at Galore DK from Butterfly on Vimeo.

There’s actually an interesting story behind the mural. S.Butterfly explains, “The mural is a satyrical reference to unscrupulous people who are willing to deface street art walls for profit. The DMV also incorporated a tribute to Kase 2 (RIP), as well as Copenhagen landmarks, including the infamous¬† Christiania¬†market, where you can find anything.” So the crew painted segments of the mural on removable panels, which they then moved to the end of wall and hung next to the “street art shop” (pictured above and below). In place of those panels, they painted windows to other places, as if the wall itself had actually been removed.

Jaw at work

Brusk at work

And the entire mural is huge and super wide, so the best way to view large it is by clicking here.


Photos by S.Butterfly

Weekend link-o-rama


You know what’s weird? Hanging out with all your friends from high school and then actually seeing current high school students from your school. Those kids are so young! While I was freaking out about no longer being a teenager and enjoying the beautiful London weather (I’m serious about this one), here’s what I almost missed this week:

Photo by Luna Park

DMV at work in France

Here are some behind the scenes photos that Butterfly took in France this week of the Da Mental Vaporz crew transforming the GHP Gallery that Vandalog covered earlier this week. I really can’t wait for pictures from the show to surface. It comes as no surprise that we are fans of DMV at Vandalog and is not confirmed whether or not I am a bit of a fangirl when it comes to dran‘s work.

DMV Crew Gets Together in Toulouse

I am always excited when I cannot read a press release in English, but since Da Mental Vaporz is one of my favorite crews, I had to deal with the difficulties of deciphering French. In Toulouse, GHP Gallery is closing its doors and as a last hoorah, all of the members of DMV ( Dran, Bom-K, Brusk, Sowat, Gris, Jaw, Kan and Iso) are coming back to transform the gallery. The show opens May 27th, so make sure to head down there.

And also, here’s a decent video for shits and giggles of the crew painting a massive mural at Supermassy last year.