The 41st Parallel from Drago and Wooster Collective

Drago (the wonderful Italians who published my book last year), Wooster Collective and Meet At The Apartment have a very cool sounding event going on next week in New York City. The 41st Parallel is a special Q&A event with some of street art’s biggest names. Some artists from The Thousands (Chris Stain, WK Interact, Elbow-toe and Swoon), other Drago-affiliated artists like Logan Hicks, Drago’s founder Paulo von
 Vacano and Marc and Sara Schiller of Wooster Collective will all be there. I spoke with Paulo today, and it sounds like the artists might be signing books as well. Unfortunately, I’ll be here in London, but I’m sure this is going to be the place to be in NYC next Wednesday evening. Check it out if you want to meet some artists, ask them questions and maybe pick up my book if you’re so inclined…

And yes I realize that I’ve been criticizing people recently for advertising stuff without really saying that they are advertising things. So, I guess this is an advert in the hopes that more people will buy my book, but if you’re flat broke or just don’t want to buy a book, this should still be a nice Q&A with some of the most influential people in street art.

Check out this month’s Vogue Italia

Don’t ask me how it happened, I’m still not entirely sure, but if you happen to pick up a copy of Vogue Italia this month, you’ll find an article about me and street art on page 96. I don’t speak Italian, but based on Google’s very rough translation, the article seems to be about The Thousands and me proselytizing street art as “museum quality.” So that’s pretty cool. And, because a. I’m no fashion icon, and b. it was an article about the virtues of street art, instead of photos of me taken by a famous photographer, the article features some pictures from The Thousands book of work by Burning Candy, Skewville, Elbow-toe and Chris Stain, so be on the look out for next year’s line of Skewville inspired tshirts at H&M.

Green Day and The Art of Rock

Logan Hicks

Thursday night was the opening of Green Day’s The Art of Rock at StolenSpace Gallery. It would have been easy for Green Day to put together a street art show full of random artists that street art fans would hate but Green Day fans would like because it has the Green Day name on it. Instead, The Art of Rock was curated by Logan Hicks and he got some really talented artists involved.

My personal favorite was this piece by Chris Stain, one of his best I think:

Photo by Paulo20210

And I think you really have to see Logan Hick’s laser etched pieces in person, but this shot should give you some idea. The background is laser etched.


Each piece in the show (other than Logan’s portraits) is based on the lyrics from a song off of Green Day’s latest album.

Ron English and The London Police
Broken Crow, Ron English and The London Police

If you ever liked Green Day, you need to check out this show. The lineup is solid, the art is great and the connection to music is different.

Photos by S.Butterfly

Nuart: The reason to visit Stavanger

I don’t want to hype this up too much, but last weekend I had a really enjoyable time at Nuart in Stavanger and I can’t believe there aren’t more tourists flying out to see this festival. Here are a few pics.

This first pic is by me, the rest are by Ian Cox.

David Choe and DVS
David Choe and DVS

main gallery

Skewville and Chris Stain
Skewville and Chris Stain
David Choe
David Choe

And Logan Hicks made this cool time lapse animation of David Choe and DVS painting:

Nuart news

On Thursday I’m headed to Stavanger for Nuart 2009, so as a little taster, I’ve been checking out this trailer for a documentary about Nuart 2008.

And of course, been looking at the photos coming out of Nuart 2009. Chris Stain is already there and has put up a few stencils. While they have unfortunately already been buffed, Ian Cox of WallKandy was there to snap some pics. You can see more of Ian’s Nuart photos on his flickr stream.


Chris Stain and Armsrock preview

Just got a few preview shots for you of the Chris Stain and Armsrock show that opens this Friday at Ad Hoc Art. I’ve got a few friends who are currently on holiday in New York, and I’ve been urging them to all go to the opening of “I Know There is Love.” Last year’s show here in London with Chris Stain, Armsrock and Poncho was absolutely fantastic (got myself a Chris Stain from that show hanging right next to me as I type), and so I expect their work at Ad Hoc to be just as good. And look out for another post here on Vandalog after the show opens.

I Know There is Love

I Know There is Love

I Know There is Love

Photos via Ad Hoc Art

More photos at Arrested Motion