Death Warmed Over

Chris RWK

Five staples of New York street art (Veng RWK, Chris RWK, Cake, Luna Park and Becki Fuller) have gotten together for their show Death Warmed Over, which opens Friday evening at Fresthetic in Brooklyn. Veng, Chris and Cake will be showing their paintings, while Luna Park and Becki Fuller will have prints of their photos. Naturally, the show’s theme is death. If you’re thinking of checking out this show, best to go down on Friday (7-10pm). Although Death Warmed Over will be on until July 20th, the opening events will include live painting and a DJ set by Royce Bannon. Check out The Street Spot for more info.

Photo by Chris RWK

Where the wild things are

The film I am most looking forward to in 2009 is Where The Wild Things Are. I could go on and on about how excited I am to see it and how upset I am that I won’t be able to pay to do so (WHY MUST THE FILM BE RELEASED TWO MONTHS LATER IN THE UK THAN THE USA?), but let’s just say I want to see the movie.

Veng and Chris of Robots Will Kill have gotten me even more excited about the film and the book with their latest mural. The piece is at Espeis Outside and was curated by Brooklyn Street Art. Here’s a photo of the finished piece and a time lapse film. For more, check out Brooklyn Street Art.

Photo by Veng
Photo by Veng

Painting with friends

It’s always fun to see artists painting together, which is why this piece is pretty nice.

Photo by Becki Fuller
Photo by Becki Fuller

The spindly figure on the left is by Know Hope, The guy in blue and grey is from Chris of Robots Will Kill, I’m not sure who painted the bird or the guy in the checkered hat, the next figure is by Veng of Robots Will Kill, and then the bear is by Flying Fortress and the guy above that is by Chris again.