Stolenspace “Summer Group Show” Opening

Finally we have pictures from the Stolenspace “Summer Group Show” in London last Thursday.  Not only was the event jam packed, but the original works were incredible. Below are just some of the photos from the opening, but you can visit Stolenspace to see all the pieces in the exhibit. Personally, I am really loving “Taking the Mickey” print by WordtoMother, O_scar (Beauty is Only Skin Deep) by D*Face, and “Rose” by Paul Alexander Thorton. I  just wish I had the opportunity to see many of these works in person, unlike RJ, who did. Jealous.

Photos by amillionpieces
Chloe Early "Rocketeers"
Shepard Fairey

All photos by amillionpieces
For other photos visit s-butterfly

StolenSpace Summer Show

Since graduating college a few months ago, I have been forced to find other ways to pregame on the weekends other than a recurring bad romance with Natural Light and terrible displays of beirut.  Now that I am an official adult, going to art openings to see some fantastic art and gulping down the free beer is a pretty appealing alternative.  I always look forward to the shows in the Summer time because so many people go to galleries on opening night (for the booze) that the shows seem to be featuring their highest caliber artists.  Or maybe I just think so because I am five feet tall and feeling woozy after a beer.

On July 1st, Stolenspace in London will be opening their Summer group show featuring some of the biggest names in the game.  When I hear “group show,” my mind jumps to art school end of the year culminations that exhibit an eclectic array of amateur art.  This show, however, is too cool for school.  Shepard Fairey, Wordtomother, D*Face, Kid Acne, Mr. Jago, Cyclops will have works hanging alongside artists (Miss Van, The London Police, and Chloe Early) who had solo shows at the gallery this past year.

Sadly, I still will not be in London until mid-August and will miss the entire show.  I swear some higher power does not want me to see Miss Van’s art in person. Sigh