Vandalog Movie Night as a blog post

Earlier this week, I hosted a movie night at The Wren’s Nest in Atlanta for the Living Walls Conference. Living Walls asked me to put together a list of some short films to show, and I ended up with 27. A few people have asked me to post those films online to share with friends or just to see a film that they missed while they were getting some food, so after the jump you’ll find embedded versions of all 27 films that were screened at the movie night (many of which have appeared on Vandalog before). Enjoy! Continue reading “Vandalog Movie Night as a blog post”

An introduction to Catlanta

Catlanta is an Atlanta-based street artist with a cult-like following. Catlanta posts photos of his cat-shaped artworks online as soon as he leaves them outside for the taking. Almost instantly, a fan will track down the piece and snatch it for themselves. It’s all part of a game that Catlanta is playing with the residents of Atlanta. Here’s a video with more about Catlanta:

catlanta from Room Eleven Media on Vimeo.

Photo by Catlanta