Open tonight only: The Community Serviced

This show is opening and closing in just a few hours at NYC’s Showpaper 42nd St Gallery. For The Community Serviced, 24 artists and writers have decorated 12 newspaper boxes for Showpaper. Faro, Darkclouds, Coolcat, Cahbasm, Infinity and others have collaborated on these boxes, which, after the opening, will be places on the streets of New York to distribute issues of Showpaper. Probably the highlight of the evening will be that the legendary Cost has decorated a box. Wonder how long before these got stolen off the street…

Also, Charlie Ahearn from Wild Style will be there to provide music.

But The Community Serviced is only open at Showpaper 42nd St Gallery tonight from 7-10pm, so that may be your only chance to catch all these boxes in person.