By the City / For the City

Whilst this post is not necessarily street art based it does share the same premise, with regard to having the ability to change (and challenge) the urban environment outside of traditional top-down city planning policies.  Plus I think it’s rather exciting and something that should be promoted in other cities, not just in New York…

By the City / For the City - Pick a site and enter.

Joining forces for New York City’s Urban Design Week 2011, The Institute for Urban Design and Project for Public Spaces have come together to propose By the City / For the City.

In essence the project is a traditional design competition, but with one significant difference – entrants are encouraged to define their own sites and the locations that they wish to change – which themselves have been outlined with over 500 suggestions from local New Yorkers.

Open to; architects, planners, artists, designers, and students from all around the world, no matter who you are, the aim is to create a dialogue between professional urban designers and the actual people who use the city spaces.

Entries will be measured by a panel of judges and will be evaluated on how they address Connectivity, Beauty, Enjoyment, Accessibility, and Equity in the city.  Plus an extra incentive to get involved is that the 10 best entries will receive $500 prizes!  And all entries will then being included in an “Atlas of Possibility for the Future of New York” exhibited during the design week in September – bonus.

So all you creative people get involved and share an idea.  But make sure your entries are in before July 14th 2011 as that’s when the applications process closes.

Check the By the City / For the City website for more information including maps, ideas, trends, and for instructions on how to enter.

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