Three minute wonders

Those 3-minute wonder videos that were made off of City Road in London can now be watched online. Which is great for me as I missed their original broadcast on Channel 4. Here are the videos for Burning Candy, Pure Evil and Blek le Rat. And if you want to see these pieces in person, check out my video of how to sneak into the space.

Burning Candy

Pure Evil

Blek le Rat

Sneaking in to see Burning Candy and others

The latest in my series of videos for Babelgum Metropolis is online. Essentially, I’ve figured out how to best enjoy the latest large mural from Burning Candy as well as new pieces by Blek le Rat and Pure Evil which have popped up in East London.

Also, yesterday I meant to post a video of me at MuTate Britain, but accidentally posted another video of the show. Well here is the video I meant to post:

Burning Candy reclaims space

On a similar note to my last post, Burning Candy has reclaimed a wall in Hackney Wick very recently. Unfortunately, I don’t have permission to you Romanywg’s photos (I should really ask him for that because he takes spectacular pictures), so for the 6 months ago and 10 days ago images I have to give you links, but I can show you the latest piece on this wall.

Here’s a 6 months ago.

Here’s last week when the piece was painted over by a big blue nothing

And here is what they’ve done now:

Photo by nolionsinengland
Photo by nolionsinengland

I think it looks even better than before. Cyclops, Sweet Toof, Gold Peg and Might Mo and done it again. Just with Tek33 was involved a well.

From letters to logos

I touched on this issue the other day, but I thought there was more to be said and some examples to be given.

There are a few graffiti writers who are blurring the line between graffiti and street art by painting trademark characters or symbols instead of, or in addition to, their names. Of course, painting characters has been around since the earliest days of graffiti, but in recent years, certain crews and writers have taken that a step further.

Here are a few examples of writers who I think are really pioneering a new form of character based graffiti. I think it could, and should, be one important direction for graffiti and street art in the coming years.

Booker/Bones/Reader... Photo by hghwtr
Booker/Bones/Reader... Photo by hghwtr
Mighty Mo. Photo by Nicobobinus
Mighty Mo. Photo by Nicobobinus
Katsu. Photo by Sabeth718
Katsu. Photo by sabeth718

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