BR1 and Elfo’s tribute to Houdini


Okay, I know I should be publishing more than just ad disruptions, which seems to be all I’m writing about lately in one way or another, but this piece that BR1 and Elfo did in Istanbul just made me smile and I couldn’t not post it. It’s called Houdini.


Photos courtesy of Elfo

Dissidents in Berlin


Dissidents looks like a really exciting group show opening soon at Open Walls Gallery in Berlin. It will feature work by BR1, Just, Vermibus, Alias, Emess, Giacomo Spazio, and Negative Vibes. Dissidents opens April 12th and runs through May 11th. More info on the Facebook event page.

I’m especially excited to see what Just and Vermibus make for this show. Just is one of the great contemporary graffiti photographers, and Vermibus has done some absolutely killer ad disruptions. Luckily, Open Walls Gallery have sent over this preview of a piece by Vermibus…


Photo courtesy of Open Walls Gallery

Weekend link-o-rama

Elfo and BR1 (BR1 won the game)

Late link-o-rama this week. Troy Lovegates and Labrona are visiting to paint a mural at Haverford College, and it’s the week of all my final exams. Here’s what I’ve been reading to distract myself:

Photo by Elfo

BR1 and Elfo transform ads into art

BR1 and Elfo teamed up to make this sculpture in Berlin. It combines so many of my favorite things: D├ęcollage, referencing Gordon Matta-Clark, disrupting advertising and inserting something mildly spectacular into people’s everyday lives. Not the most environmentally friendly work though…

Photos by Elfo