Boogie and M-City at Carmichael Gallery

I have been awfully busy recently with my various gallery and journal duties, but I just wanted to take a second to quickly share the way things are looking here at the moment. Boogie is the first photographer to have a solo here at Carmichael Gallery so it’s an important show for us. I’ve loved his work for a really long time (you can see more of it here) and the pieces we’re showing this month mark a really special stage in his career. I was curious to meet someone who’s lived and documented the world the way he has, and as I’ve gotten to know him this week I’ve really come to understand where that fascinating understanding of humanity comes from. He’s an amazing person.

As for M-City, anyone who knows me at all knows I’m a massive fan and have long supported everything he does. The last time we worked with him was a group show back in 2008 and we never talked seriously about working together again until just recently. My long-held belief that he is one of the world’s most talented street artists hasn’t changed from meeting him – I just know now that he’s a really nice person, too. He’s also very hard-working – he literally hasn’t stopped since he got here and now that the show is up, he’s going off to work on a huge wall downtown! I’ll keep you posted.

Anyway, there’s my promotion of my gallery and the artists currently inhabiting it. I really am proud to be working with these two.

– Elisa