Bonom in Brussels, a master of the rooftops

DSC_1976 - Version 3_01

I first discovered the work of Bonom a year ago, during my first trip to Brussels, Belgium. His massive pieces are impressive  by virtue of their location, the fact that each is a real physical work, and by their subjects. Back in Brussels last week, I was excited to admire his most recent pieces, done less than one year ago, even though he did declare that he would never do illegal art again after he was caught by the police in 2010. The French artist made Brussels his home and his canvas, with his crazy bestiary, and different homages to the best french old masters, like this sensual reclining woman above, a direct reference to “l’origine du monde” by Courbet. Here are a few pieces you might have seen while hanging out in the streets of the European Capital.


DSC_1874 - Version 2_01







And for my own pleasure, here is the only piece Bonom did in my favorite city, my home, Montreal (2009).

DSC_1284 2_01

Photos by Aline Mairet

Weekend link-o-rama

Bonon. Photo by Kriebel

That was a long week. But at least it was a fun one too. For one thing, Jill Cohen was in town for a show at my university. Definitely have a look at her drawings. That’s some crazy skill. Here’s the art news I’ve been reading:

  • Col has a show coming up very soon at Orchard Windows Gallery in New York.
  • Shai Dahan, Ollio and Ekta got together to paint in Sweden.
  • Roger Gastman has directed an upcoming film about the earliest modern graffiti writers (is that term a contradiction?).
  • Shepard Fairey’s latest print is called Eat The Rich. I hate to be the one to call him out on this one since many will understandably perceive it as hypocritical of me, but can a millionaire artist really legitimately make that statement? I know he is a hard-working guy who has been at this for decades, but then the proper time for that rhetoric was 20 years ago. Not when his art sells for hundreds of thousands to millionaires and his overpriced t-shirts are found in the fanciest clothing stores. Plus, the man is a committed and unashamed capitalist. Thoughts? Maybe he is just using the phrase as an example of a culture he is interested in, rather than as part of an intended propaganda poster?
  • The Vacuum Cleaner is hilarious!
  • Agents of Change members Remi/Rough, LX.One, Steve More and Augustine Kofie painted what may be London’s largest mural just across from King’s Cross.

Photo by Kriebel


Somehow we have failed to mention bonom at all on the blog so its time to fix that. Here are some select works shot by kriebel. And if credit is your thing these are all illegal. Old news to some but worth putting it on the roll.