tasj vol ii – issue iii

Seth and I are finally back in LA after our trip to London and Paris. I had jet lag the whole time I was in London, then got it again when I got home, so that wasn’t particularly enjoyable, but other than that we did some fun things. Now we’re working toward Block Party with Boxi, Krystian Truth Czaplicki, Gregor Gaida, Simon Haas and Dan Witz + a showcase with Sixeart, which opens here at Carmichael Gallery on Saturday, November 13, and putting together the Miami issue of tasj.

I just wanted to quickly share some highlights from the current issue of tasj (vol ii – issue iii). As always, it’s free to subscribe to, no matter where you live.

As you can see from the cover, this is Part II of our Backstage Series (see who was in Part I here). One of my favorite interviews is with Mike Vargas and Moni Pineda, who run the web series/blog Friends We Love. I recommend checking out the site if you haven’t been on it yet; there is so much great content up there!

In addition to our Unurth, auction and art fair pages, we also have several new regular sections: Special Event (for shows taking place outside traditional gallery/museum settings – you’ll read about Blk River in here), Stopover (our city guide – this issue highlights London), Limited Edition (for prints and multiples – Faile, Bumblebee, Eine and Zeus are street artists who feature) and Newsstand (an off-shoot of Bookshelf and a place to support our fellow magazines and newspapers).

Hope you enjoy!

– Elisa

Brad Downey is searching for something concrete

While Brad Downey, one of my favorite street artists, was at BLK River recently, he tried an experiment in graffiti removal for an artwork called Searching for Something Concrete. While at first look it’s not my favorite piece from Brad, he always keeps things interesting and his art always seems to grow on me over a period of weeks. Here’s a video of the artwork:

Know Hope’s huge wall at BLK River

Know Hope has just returned from Vienna and he left something quite special on the walls of the city for the BLK River Festival.

The image is in the same series as the one I’m currently using as the desktop background on my computer, so of course I’m a fan.

And while we’re on the topic of Know Hope, any readers in Toronto and in a fortunate position: Know Hope has a solo show coming up next month at Show & Tell Gallery. No doubt this show, There Is Nothing Dear (Nothing Is Too Much Dear), will be something special. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while.

Here’s the flyer:

Photos by Herbalizer

Bastardilla at BLK River and FAME festivals

FAME Festival

Like Roa, Bastardilla is another artist who has been traveling a bit around Europe this summer participating in street art festivals. A few weeks ago, she was at FAME Festival, and now she’s just finished some walls at BLK River. Here are some of my favorites by this artist from Bogota, Columbia.

BLK River Festival

And a special thanks to Stickboy, as I think he introduced me to Bastardilla’s art a while back.

FAME Festival
FAME Festival

Photos by FAME Festival and Scarygami