Introducing: Benjamin Murphy

I will be the first to admit, that I am terrible with my e-mail. I actually open e-mails and if I don’t see an image right away or worse – SPELLING MISTAKES, than your correspondence goes right into trash. This morning, however, an e-mail from an artist caught my eye that I thought would be worth posting about. Benjamin Murphy is a British artist who uses electrical tape to create ephemeral works on the streets. The idea isn’t novel in the slightest, but his bio made me chuckle so I had to open the image attachments and was pleasantly surprised to see some tantalizing images of women and one in an oven. Anyone who sends the following to a blog is alright in my book:

Benjamin Murphy a manchild from Yorkshire who likes to frequent the ladies section of Primark. He likes to draw on other peoples property with electrical tape, creating something he likes to call ‘art’. This method of creating something people can point and gawp at, is more ecologically sound than putting a cow in formaldehyde and chopping it in half.

While I heard the name from his work for Anti-Slavery International in which he created a 16 story piece on Great Eastern Street to promote the event, I never had the chance to really look into his work. Here are a few images that I thought I would share with everyone. And I look forward to seeing more when he opens his first solo show at Hoxton Gallery on November 1.

Images courtesy of Benjamin Murphy