Q&A with Augor

The Citrus Report recently posted a Q&A with California graffiti artist Augor. He’s a really interesting character.

TCR: You are an extremely active graffiti writer in Los Angeles. What is the atmosphere like down there these days? Who is getting up, who is making waves, in your opinion?

Los Angeles has always been the area where shit cracks. We do more, shine harder, and floss harder in every form of our lifestyle. It’s the city where stars are made so naturally being a graffiti writer in this town you adorn that same attitude of “making it.” MSK which is the crew that I represent has always had a choke-hold on the city and doesn’t seem like were going to be letting go anytime soon. If I had to name anyone besides us, I’d say my friend TANK, APEAR, and DR.SEX.

TCR: You are making a transition to gallery work, especially with the elaborate show at FIFTY24LA Gallery. The funny thing is, your work on the street was so elaborate and unique that it was hard not to consider it fine art. How is the approach different?

I’m approaching a larger audience. One that hasn’t seen me grow from a toy into whatever people consider is so great about me now. I’m not approaching the transition like “Okay, I have to bring my street shit into a gallery and try to fit my name on a square canvas.” I take it as a chance to re-create my vision in a new way that fits the space. I don’t want kids to think I’m changing up what I stood for. Some might not like the shift, but I think its good to play 2 fields at once. It’s kinda like a kid who has a loving family that trusts and adores him then he grows up and moves out. The outside world doesn’t know shit about you and its up to you to prove that all the positive shit your mom said about you was true.

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