Weekend link-o-rama

Stinkfish in London

Is it time for another link-o-rama already? The week has flown by. Except for when I had to read the multiple formal press releases I received this week which promoted artists’ gallery shows by talking about a recent campaign of wheatpasting that they were doing solely for the purpose of promoting their shows. Bleh. By contrast, Stinkfish has been in London for a bit and just seems to be getting up with posters, spraypaint and other materials because it’s fun. Here’s some of the things I’m not going to be kinda bitter about this week…

Photo by HowAboutNo!

Weekend link-o-rama

Swoon in New York City

A day late, but here’s the link-o-rama. Let’s just say it feels like I’ve been competing, exactly one year on, with Ben Eine for the title of having had the strangest week. Here’s what I’ve missed:

Photo by Sabeth718

Aryz and Herakut in Manchester

If you’re in Manchester next month, you’ll have a chance to see Herakut and Aryz painting live at Eurocultured, a street festival. I don’t know much more than that, but it sounds like something worth checking out. Plus Eurocultured has like 1000 other things going on at the same time (art, music, breakdancing…).

On a related note, Aryz and Smash137 painted this wall recently in Barcelona and it looks sick:

Smash 137 and Aryz – Montana Cans from Mazot Hiphop & Graffiti Shop on Vimeo.