JMR & See One Bring Color & Motion to Brooklyn’s DUMBO

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See One

There hasn’t been much new on the streets of Brooklyn’s DUMBO for awhile now. I’m not quite sure why, and I miss the art that used to surface regularly on DUMBO’s public spaces. But Mighty Tanaka’s current exhibit “Color & Motion” featuring the energetic, brightly hued works of New York City artists JMR and See One was worth our visit to this Brooklyn district.

See One

See One



The exhibit continues through next Friday, April 6th @ 111 Front Street.

Photos by Lois Stavsky

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Cassius Fouler’s “Unpaid Dues” — Rich with Bold Images, Social Commentary & Wry Humor

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We headed down to the Orchard Windows Gallery this afternoon to check out Cassius Fouler’s solo exhibit, Unpaid Dues, a series of small works in bold colors featuring his signature characters and wry references to popular urban culture. Here’s a sampling:

Although today was the last day of the exhibit, select artworks are available through the Orchard Windows Gallery. To see more of the artist’s work, check out

Photos by Lois Stavsky & Tara Murray

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Jesse Edwards @ Klughaus Gallery

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When I stopped by Klughaus Gallery last week, Jesse Edwards was already at work installing his exhibit, “Dialogue of the Streets.”  Featuring an eclectic range of artwork from traditional landscapes to graffiti-inspired ceramics, the exhibit opens this Friday, January 13,  from 6-10pm at 47 Monroe Street on Manhattan’s LES/Chinatown. Here are a few favorites I captured (the first depicting the artist with the prolific graffiti writer, Adek):

Photos by Lois Stavsky

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Marianne Nems presents Ugly Kid Gumo, Benoit Debbane, LA2 & more @ Miami’s Fountain Art Fair

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I met Marianne Nems back in June at the East Village’s Dorian Grey Gallery, where she introduced me to the impassioned work of French graffiti artist, Ugly Kid Gumo.  For the next three days, Marianne will be at the Fountain Art Fair, 2505 North Miami Ave. @ 25th St. exhibiting work by Ugly Kid Gumo and others. Among the images that she shared, I’m particularly intrigued by the artwork of Benoit Debbane, the Lebanese painter whose work first surfaced on the walls of Beirut in the 1990’s.  Another highlight are new works by Angel Ortiz aka LA2, who recently graced New York City’s East Village with a huge mural.

"Adrenaline" by Ugly Kid Gumo

"The Darkness Rising" by Benoit Debbane

LA2's recent mural in the East Village

Photos courtesy of Marianne Nems

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From the South Bronx to Havana, Cuba

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Cekis had mentioned to me that he was painting up in the Bronx, and I expected to find him at work on a wall. But when we got up there today, he and Chilean graffiti muralist Dasic Fernandez were painting a bus.  Dasic explained that the bus is one of about 35 that will be will be transporting food and medical supplies to Cuba. They will travel next to Canada and eventually be transferred to a boat in Mexico that will bring them to Havana.

Dasic Fernandez alongside portrait he painted on the back of the bus. Photo by Lois Stavsky

Side of the bus painted by Cekis. Photo by Cekis.

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