gilf! – “i Exam” at Arcilesi Homberg Fine Art

"Hypocrisy on a Crocodile" by Gilf!
“Hypocrisy on a Crocodile”

gilf!‘s solo show i Exam is open now at Arcilesi Homberg Fine Art in Brooklyn. The show includes a number of unexpected new pieces from gilf! that really separate her outdoor work from her indoor work. The basic themes are still the same, but the technical complexity of some of the work is beyond what we’ve seen from her outdoors. I haven’t included too many photos in this post because many of the pieces include somewhat obscured text which is difficult to read in a jpeg, but I’d love to hear what people who saw the show in person thought of those pieces.

i Exam runs through March 10th.

common wants & common cares black
“Common Wants & Common Cares”
"The Ghost of Gold"
“The Ghost of Gold” (the text reads “POST DEMOCRACY”)


"All Was Empty Air"
“All Was Empty Air”

Photos courtesy of gilf!