Wild Style Wednesday!

Yong and Guga. Photo by P. Matheus Lacerda.

You only YOLO once.

2Mest. Photo by FromAroundtheWizzle.
Amuse in Sydney. Photo by Baddogwhiskas.
Days in Sydney. Photo by Baddogwhiskas.
Musty by TheSaltr
Den, Peko, Next and Nick Alive in Sao Paulo. Photo by ‘N’.
Myt. Photo by Startape Photographe.
Teaz in Sydney. Photo by Baddogwhiskas.
Erber in Paris. Photo by VitoStreet.

Photos by BadDogWhiskasFromAroundtheWizzle, ‘N’, P. Matheus LacerdaStartape Photographe and VitoStreet.

Your daily Amuser

Amuse, reigning from Chicago, raised the bar for writers and dimmed the line separating graffiti and street art. Three prominent qualities that keeps Amuse’s work attractive are the details work, the movement, and the sporadic use of color. The following are some of Amuse’s illest work yet.

Photos by Eclectric Dyslexic