Writer to Writer: The Scott Sueme Interview, Pt. 2

Scott Sueme with test strips for Primary Flight

This is Part 2 of Ryan Gattis’ interview with Scott Sueme. Click here to read Part 1.

Ryan Gattis: What’s most inspiring to you right now?

Scott Sueme: Abstract painting and progressive graffiti piecing for the most part. I’m also really excited about working with other artists that aren’t necessarily coming from a graffiti background too. For instance, I worked with Andrew Young recently. He and I did some painting in Miami for part of Primary Flight.

RG: Andrew works primarily in oils, using multiple perspectives, and he did a portrait of you not too long ago. Is that right?

SS (laughing): Yes, he’s done my portrait. He works downstairs actually; we walked through his studio on the way up. He collages geometric shapes with wallpaper and other elements, then paints narrative driven realism in oils and blends the two together. Continue reading “Writer to Writer: The Scott Sueme Interview, Pt. 2”