Makatron’s travels

Cape Town, South Africa
Makatron has recently returned to Melbourne after a bit of traveling and painting. Here are some of the highlights in Mike’s own words:
Brazil – Essencia Event – Over a week we painted murals in all 4 zones of Sao Paulo Favelas, (north, south, east and west and then an exhibition in the centre).

Brazil – Graffiti Vale -An event in a tiny village situated in a valley in Sao Paulo State. This village had no graffiti at all when we arrived. About 40 graffiti artists from all over South America took over for 4 days, the locals loved it, feeding us, finding more walls, beers, ladders etc.. Everyone was really talented at whatever they did, either writers doing pieces or weirdo artists like me.

Uruguay – I was there for a week and painted a few walls in Montevideo and up the coast with a litre of black and white.

South Africa – I was invited to do an art residency for about a month with a group in Cape Town called A Word of Art. This meant living in a shared house with other artists from Nigeria, France, and Canada. The residency helped out by finding walls and providing paint and also gave me an insight into the art and culture of South Africa.

Also keep an eye out for Mike’s upcoming solo show in late November at House of Bricks Gallery in Collingwood, Melbourne.

Cape Town, South Africa
Floripa, Brazil
Punto del Diablo, Uruguay
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Montevideo, Uruguay
Cape Town, South Africa

All photos courtesy of Mike Makatron

Tika show and murals in Cape Town

Tika is currently an artist in residence with A Word of Art at Woostock Industrial Centre in Cape Town. She has a show at A Word of Art and will paint murals around the city. I really like this mural that she’s already painted as part of the residency:

Tika’s show, Kaptika, opens on February 26th. Here’s a flyer:

Photos courtesy of A Word of Art and Tika