Hell’s Half Acre Photo Exclusives

On Friday, I was graciously given an early preview of Lazarides highly anticipated new show, Hell’s Half Acre. Taking place at the Old Vic Tunnels by Leake Street, the off-site display hosts new works from heavy hitters Conor Harrington, Vhils, George Osodi, Antony Micallef, Doug Foster, Todd James, Paul Insect, Mark Jenkins, Boogie, Ian Francis, Polly Morgan and Jonathan Yeo.

The team at Laz still had a lot of work to do before the private opening tomorrow, but from what I could tell, this is sure to be one of the most talked about shows for months to come. Loosely basing the concept off Dante’s The Inferno, the works themselves reek of death, destruction, fantasy, and myth. The dark and wet tunnels create an ambiance that not only makes viewers uncomfortable, but forces them to react to the art. I don’t want to give too much away, but all of the work is brand new and most of it was made specifically for the show, especially the large scale installation spaces. At every turn in the tunnel’s maze, there is something new to be discovered, attempting to shock and intrigue viewers.

Here are just some of the pictures I have as well as the Babelgum preview video that is circling the Internet like crazy this weekend.

Photos by Stephanie Keller

Ma’Claim in LA

Ma’Claim are in LA right now, painting a series of murals both for the Montana Store and for Goethe-Institut. They’ve been live painting all day today at the latter.

There will be a presentation introducing guests to Ma’Claim and their work at 7pm this evening. A panel conversation will follow, moderated by Seth Carmichael and featuring special guest Retna.

If you live in LA, here’s where to go:

Goethe-Institut Los Angeles

5750 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 100

– Elisa

The Art Street Journal Vol.2 Issue 2 Launch Party Tonight

Our own lovely, Elisa Carmichael, is hosting the launch of the latest issue of The Art Street Journal tonight at Carmichael Gallery. Featuring interviews with Mark Jenkins, Rae McGrath, Angelo Milano, Martyn Reed, Jacob Samuel, Marc and Sara Schiller, Stefan Simchowitz and Sonja Teri, this is definitely an issue not to miss. Plus, as always, it’s free, so no excuses guys.

If you are in LA tonight, stop by the gallery in Culver City from 6-8pm to pick up your free copy and have a drink or two. Oh, and be nice to the lovely Elisa who has been feeling under the weather for days.

Carmichael Gallery
5795 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Faile Book Launch

Last week, RJ  posted about the new Faile book, Faile: Prints and Originals 1999-2009. This past Thursday, The Outsiders at Lazarides Shop hosted the book’s launch at London. Within the first fifteen minutes, each of the 100 signed books sold, and by the end of the night, the book sold out to the que of art lovers that stood waiting to buy or pick up their pre-ordered copy. The Shop turned into a Faile world as the walls showcased pieces on sale from the collective early years to the present. I still think the best was the Sailor Jerry cocktails. Any opening with a decent mix drink is fine by me.

All Photos by Steph Keller

Poster Boy Book and Street Art Legal Defence Fund Launch

It’s had like a million views at this point (and I’m not exaggerating) so you’ve probably seen this video already, but it’s still fun to watch. If you’re a fan, you can support the Poster Boy movement, the new Poster Boy book, The War of Art and the new street art/graffiti legal defence fund K.A.R.A.T.E. (about time we had one of these) in four different cities on Saturday night:

Pure Evil in London, 17 Frost in NYC or AE District in Miami.

Or come hang out with the incredible writer of this post at Carmichael Gallery in LA.

– Elisa

Video by Keith Haskel, who also made the fantastic video the four galleries will be screening on the night.

New Issue of The Art Street Journal Out!

Seth and I just printed the newest edition of The Art Street Journal! It’s our longest issue yet and with the move to better paper stock and four color pages inside, it’s a big step toward where we’re hoping to take things in the future.

A lot of really great people helped out with this issue, including Vandalog’s Aaron and Steph! I’ve included previews of their pages (well, one of Aaron’s, at least – his article has the double page spread in the middle of the journal).

Steph's article on Viva La Revolucion at MCASD
Half of Aaron's interview with Boogie

One thing I’m particularly happy about is that our Unurth page has now doubled in size to a two page spread. It’s still not enough to fit all the great images Sebastian finds, but I packed in as much as I could this time around. Sebastian also did a great interview with Escif about the differences between his indoor and outdoor work. You can read an older conversation between these two here to get some context to it.

Other street artist-related articles in this issue include those on EuroTrash with Conor Harrington, Vhils, JR and Antony Micallef in LA, Herbert Baglione in Barcelona, Dan Witz in New York (although the article is actually on his last show of oil paintings), 108 in Grottaglie, Basquiat in Basel, Nina Pandolfo in Sao Paulo, M-City in LA and Ericailcane in Ancona.

Street Art New York, Dan Witz: In Plain View and Poster Boy: The War of Art all feature on the bookshelf page. I recommend you buy all three if you can and haven’t yet. I’m a bit biased, I guess, because all the authors are friends of mine, but I genuinely think they are great books and I know everyone involved worked really hard to get them out there.

If you’re not getting tasj in the mail yet and would like to, you can sign up at www.theartstreetjournal.com. It’s free, no matter where in the world you live.

If you’re in LA, we are having a release party for this new issue here at Carmichael Gallery on Saturday, August 7th. Come by for a drink, pick up a copy, see our Boogie/M-City shows (it’s the last day they’ll be up!), then head out to the other openings in Culver City – there are some fun things going on that night. Hope to see you there and spread the word if you can! Thanks!

– Elisa

Labrona in Brooklyn and LA

If you’re in Brooklyn this weekend, Labrona is taking part in a 3-day event that is an art show, dance party and a whole lot more all in one. Find out more here. He was also in LA recently and did a lot of cool wheatpastes like the one above. See more of them on Unurth.

– Elisa

Whitecross Street Party

On July 24th and 25th, the “Whitecross Street Party: The Rise of the Non-comforsits” will be in full swing in London.  The whole street will turn into a creative canvas for leading street artists including Shepard Fairey, Dotmasters, Filthy Luker, Eelus, Burning Candy,  and much more. Right now, everyone involved is starting to put up the public pieces, but come the weekend, the road will be turned into a giant block party. Let’s just hope these pieces get to stick around for awhile because I am really liking what I see thus far.

The full list of artists and activities can seen on the Whitecross website here.

Here are some pictures of the setup of the event that were caught today.

Shepard Fairey, Peter Dunne and Filthy Luker
Burning Candy

All Photos Via Wxstreet Party

Street Art New York Book Signing at Spoonbill & Sugartown in Williamsburg

Two of my favorite street art bloggers, Jaime Rojo and Steven P. Harrington from BrooklynStreetArt.com, will be signing copies of their new book, Street Art New York, next Thursday, July 22nd, at one of my favorite bookshops, Spoonbill and Sugartown on Bedford in Williamsburg. If you’re in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by for a drink, pick up a copy of Street Art New York and have a chat with the authors.

Incidentally, Spoonbill recently held a signing for another great street art book – Dan Witz: In Plain View. I’m not sure if they still have copies left, though; if not, you can visit Dan’s site.

Find out more about the Street Art New York event here.

– Elisa