Weekend link-o-rama

Recent mural by Eine. Photo by Unusualimage

Well it was the first week of midterms for me, so lots of time was spent locking myself in my room, turning off the wifi and just studying. On the plus side, had a great meeting today trying to get some grant money from my college to bring street artists to campus and I took a nap on what might just be the world’s comfiest couch. So here’s what I haven’t had the chance to blog with all that school stuff going on:

  • I’ll be running a modified version of my street art tours next Friday at the Moniker Art Fair. The tour will be free and we’ll being checking out the fair as well as some of the street art in Shoreditch nearby. That will be from 1-2:30 11:30-1pm and 1:30-3:00pm next Friday afternoon at Moniker.
  • Unurth has photos of Escif’s latest murals.
  • Kaws blogged some teaser shots of his upcoming book.
  • Feral has been posting a lot of photos on his flickr over the past month of the interesting work he’s been making.
  • Mike put together a nice overview of FAME Festival for Arrested Motion
  • The latest in the line of shows Yosi Sergant (previously involved with Manifest Hope and Manifest Equality) has worked on, Re:Form School looks to be another massive group show advocating a good cause. It is open in New York this weekend only.
  • Kofie has a solo show opening this weekend at White Walls in San Fransisco. The opening reception is on Saturday evening. Check out The Citrus Report for more info.
  • LAB (Little Art Book) has a pop-up shop in London starting today through October 23rd. There will be prints for sale priced as low as £30. Their blog has more info.

Photo by unusualimage

Kris Kuksi at SCOPE Basel 2010

Here is an overview of one of the most interesting exhibits at SCOPE Basel in Switzerland.  Presented by the Joshua Liner Gallery, Kris Kuksi displayed some of his best work to date.  With an incredibly meticulous attention to detail, Kuksi’s lifelike miniature sculpture scenes are realistic portrayals of grandeur odes to history.  No matter how long one views this masterpieces, one will still miss out on minute details of the skilled craftsmanship.  Below are some of the photos of the pieces, but click here to see magnified views of the works.

Colonel Wilhelm Von Howitzerhead
Pluto and Persephone
Eros at Play

Photos courtesy of Joshua Liner Gallery

The Armory Show

When I was in New York last week prepping for Re-Creation II, I managed to slip out for a couple hours and run over to the Armory, which was only a few blocks away. I saw quite a few pieces that I liked, although there wasn’t too much by artists related to the street art scene. Highlights included the Barry McGee clusters at Roberts & Tilton and Ratio 3 (former above, latter below) and the fun Keith Haring at Galerie Michael Scultz. Overall, I felt the fair was a bit overwhelming in its size, but I still really enjoyed it. There was a great crowd, flow and energy – all very positive signs for the art market.

– Elisa