Somehow we have failed to mention bonom at all on the blog so its time to fix that. Here are some select works shot by kriebel. And if credit is your thing these are all illegal. Old news to some but worth putting it on the roll.

Gaia at OneThirty3

This Thursday, 13th October 2011, 6:30pm till 9.00pm @ onethirty3

6.30-9.00pm Open for one night only
Venue: OneThirty3, Unit 22, Hoults Yard, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 2HL



Photos courtesy of OneThirty3

The People Speak, New Work by Jetsonorama

Just received word from jestonorama about this new project. The scale and concern with local dilemmas always remains inspiring. From his blog: “i asked several friends what their feelings are about the sacred mountain slated to receive artificial snow made from reclaimed waste water. with the help of raechel running, stephanie jackson and rey cantil, their words were written or painted onto their faces and the final images were wheat pasted.”

The Monster Island Paint Pour

For all of those who have been to Williamsburg’s Kent Avenue, Monster Island is a memorable building in attendance amongst the glistening condos that have reshaped the neighborhood’s landscape and demographics. Slated for demolition, the murals adorning the side of this non-profit artist space were washed away in a veil of vibrant color; a sad chapter in the gentrification of the area.

For more photos, Check out Luna Park’s coverage of the event at the Street Spot

Photos by Luna Park

New Gaia and Nanook Street Work for Living Walls, ATL

Living Walls conference was a tremendous success bringing some of the most recognized international street artists to the beautiful city of Atlanta. Inevitably, when you put a bunch of them in one city, some unsanctioned work is bound to go up. Here is a little overview of the work Nanook and I produced for the A. And check out the full map of spots that are still running and or have been buffed here

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… Apparently It’s Where You’re At: Brief Conversation between Gaia and Skewville

photo by Brock Brake

As a young buck coming up in the Street Art world over the years in New York, I’ve definitely been through the ringer in order to get down with this expansive yet furtive local community. No one’s aired me out more than Skewville, and no one has given my hair such a run for its money. Skewville’s solo exhibition,“Your Ad Here” just opened with my people over at Pawn Works exactly six days ago, and by the photos that were released, the show looks like a tremendous success. Opening just in time for Fairey’s latest extravaganza in Copenhagen, I didn’t necessarily “sit down” with Ad from Skewville, but made a little sortie into our Brooklyn boy’s mind and swollen ego.

GAIA: So let’s get it straight, what street did you really grow up on in New York?

AD: Have you not been paying attention… its not where you’r from, its where you’r at.

GAIA: … Or I heard it’s not where you’re from but where you pay rent Explain How the title “Your Ad Here” came about?

AD: Still not paying attention? the tittle of the Show is “Not my Type”. You must be thinking of someone else’s  show,  but i wanted to re-reuse” Your Ad Here” in the signage just to remind people that is still not mine.

GAIA: Thoughts on Chicago ?

AD: From what ive seen, It reminds me of the early Bklyn days… a hipster training camp on the verge of a yuppie takeover and Nick  from Pawnworks is the Mayoral candidate trying to hold it down. Vote Nick in 2012.

The classic cassette tape and guitar string john

GAIA: Best Place to eat?

AD: The Sunoco down the block from the gallery, semi-frozen Pizzas for $1.99

GAIA: Whats the low on Beauty Bar?

AD: So they wanted me to repaint the awning that Spector did, Uh ” Hells Yeah!” with Pleasure. but their cock-blocking my lingo.. I mean “For Reals!”  they got Hot, Drunk, 21 year old’s bumping and grinding to 90’s hip hop but they  don”t get the irony of me painting ” Hot Mess”. So as of now.. it’s still pending.

GAIA: Where’s your better half at?

AD:  A common Skewville Motto is “Divide and conquer.” So I  just checked-in and Droo is chilling poolside in the Hamptons.

GAIA: How was the reception?

AD: Skewville was well received in Chi-town, You know the grass is always Greener,  Hence the swollen ego. But you know once I get back to basement of  Beat down Brooklyn I easily put myself in check.

GAIA: Smoke much?

Ad:  Uh,Duh.

GAIA: Curveball. What’s your obsession with tingly god juice?

Ad: if you know, you know… but everything tastes great when handed to you by a Gorgeous, Fun Loving Blond…

GAIA:Why can’t you get your ears wet?

Ad: ha ha… OK. now where getting deep…its from a  childhood illness, but on a positive note, it keeps Droo’s kids from splashing me in the pool and fucking with my hair.

GAIA: So Whose really doing it in America?

AD:hmmm…this is a tuff one. the competition is fierce in the land of black and white woodcut animal head mash-ups that are oversize laser-printed on daddy’s dime.

GAIA: Fierce… What can I say. Anything on the horizon? Better be good…

Ad: Think Space, LA this month, Black Book, CO.  in Oct. White Walls, SF in Jan… and after that you might have to talk to my New agent or you can more likely find me sleeping under the BQE.

photo by Brock Brake