Kibera, 8 Years After JR

@jr eight years after on the rooftops of #Kibera . Thank you @bankslave for your time today

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Longtime Vandalog contributor Gaia posted an intriguing photo today on Instagram. I’ll let these photos and Gaia’s caption speak for themselves, other than to say that this seems to be the great (largely) unwritten critique of JR within the street art world.

Update (Feb 2, 2017): A few readers have reminded us of this incident from 2015 where an ad agency tried to “steal” JR’s artwork from Kibera to raise money for charity, but then things went a bit pear-shaped.

Kibera in 2017, with the remnants of JR’s work on visible.

Photos by Gaia

  • MPReed

    I’d say it’s more the (largely) unwritten critique of the Liberals desire to eat its own. JR certainly isn’t the problem right now.

  • Well said.

  • Rafarelli

    The trash doesn’t really change the fact that the work would only ever have been seen from the air / helicopter / google maps. I would be very interested to know if that cultural centre was ever actually built though.
    More to the point the obvious danger is poverty porn, poverty chic. The danger is using a community and giving them no real agency. The danger is using site specificity as a backdrop and just parachuting in and out. I have no idea if this is what actually happened of course. That’s just the concern. Although I am hungry so maybe some cannibalism could occur.