Judith Supine is even more interesting than originally suspected

Animal just released this fantastic interview with Judith Supine. This actually isn’t the first time Supine has shown his face but the video is still great. I love how cheeky and honest he is. For a man who didn’t speak until the age of seventeen, he’s quick to offer his blunt (and spot on) critique of the art world.

His solo show Golden Child¬†opens at Mecka Gallery¬†on March 29th, and he has worked with the gallery on the release of two prints (one which is already sold out, and another which will be available at the opening). For more of Judith’s unbridled banter, check out his other recent interview on 12oz.

  • Nico Glaude

    I’m always hesitant when artists reveal there identities and all that stuff. Like D*Face has just become completely obsolete to me, and I was dreading the same would happen with Judith when I saw this post. But I’m happy that the video had a completely different effect on me. I’ve definitely become even more obsessed with Judith now. At first I just knew him for his work, but the fact that he just comes off as a really rad dude, only fuels my obsession with the guy.

  • Bucky Turco

    First time he showed his face… on video. Next time we’ll add an asterisk.