According to Lush… Everyday on the street is an artshow


Here’s the fourth comic in a 10-part series from Lush. Are we overhyping this whole Banksy thing? Is everyone? – RJ

Comic by Lush

  • jilblue

    I don’t think Banksy is being overhyped, he is doing a show on the streets of NYC, it should be reported. There is a difference between tagging F*** to the world and what Banksy does, although that is an individual interpretation. As for cleaning it all off, I’ve friends who are street painters who paint at festivals all over the world and councils, city boards deem they must be spray all the beautiful chalk art away, if nature doesn’t take care of it first, some people just don’t get it. Art is what we make of it.

  • gbh

    Right this second someone is trying to ride on someone else’s coat tales….

  • Phillystine

    I think the whole banksy thing is fun, this whole genre of art needed a little bit of fun again its been a little bit stale or at the very least not as exciting as it usually is to watch.

  • florone

    chalk????????hopeless,makes your shoes dirty,and first of all its placed on a pavement where people are walking……no comments about banksy…

  • Valerie Smallen

    well said