A living museum, evolving walls in Montreal, Canada.

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November, 2011- Dscreet, Adam, add their art to the original piece by El flyer, Simo, Produkt, Leeny, Other, Labrona, Gawd, Giver, Nixon.

When I started to hunt Montreal illegal street art, it appeared to me that a city is not static as usual people can think it. When you look closer, you can observe the walls change by the art that sticks on them. I was able to see the evolution of the streets and in the same time I saw ordinary places becoming amazing spots. When an artist, or a group of artists take over a wall, a door, and make it themselves, they give a soul to the city.  Below you will see the transformation of some pieces whether completed or fixed. Interestingly, from a collective action or an individual one, it results that the urban environment is likely to be changed and magnified. The walls are for everyone but some of them exclusively belong to some artists. Hope they stay like this!

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September, 2010 – Leeny, Giver, Produkt, Other

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November, 2010 – El FLyer, Simo, Other, Labrona, Gawd, Produkt, Giver, Leeny

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March, 2011- Artist unknown

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August, 2011- HoarKor

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November, 2011- HoarKor, Stikki Peaches, Waxhead

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November, 2011- Labrona.

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July, 2012- Labrona, Gawd

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November, 2010- Produkt


August, 2013- Produkt

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July, 2012 – Waxhead

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August, 2012- Waxhead, Gawd


June, 2013- Waxhead, Gawd

Photos by Aline Mairet

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  • N Buckles

    What an interesting post. I just assume that once the wall is painted it stays like that for ever. But it is evolving…

  • Chris Dyer

    Niceness, stoked to be up here again. I only used that name, “El Flyer”, that one time but cool to see it shine, haha.