Weekend link-o-rama

Dart, PC, Curve, Rams, and Sane
Dart, PC, Curve, Rams, and Sane

As I’ve been gearing up for midterms, I’ve missed posting some great outdoor work (and other things) this week.

Photo by Carnagenyc

  • Mathieu Tremblin

    Hello RJ, Chris Marker was one of the most engaged exepriemental movie/documentary filmaker of those last decades. You might know for example his work via the remake of his movie “La jetée” re-named “12 monkeys” for example (way better thatn the remake by the way). I can assure you that the guy was very precise regarding moral property and stuff regarding intellectual honesty. But as Agnès Varda, he had some talent to keep you in a strange mood while associating oral narration to its screening. So M. Chat is not the topic of the movie in fact but some kind of thread in its story. Some kind of pretext to talk about urban space and people involved in social movement. Like a kind of alter ego – because Chris Marker used to draw himself a cat character a long time ago. and for sure he knew M. Chat too.


  • Hey Mathieu,

    Thanks for the clarification.