New piece by Mr. Thoms

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Well, I think the content of this new piece by Mr. Thoms rather self explanatory. I was almost disappointed by the location outside Florence, since it looks as though this wasn’t done in a highly visible spot, but on second thought, the people who will most likely encounter this are the probably the people who should: explorers, graffiti/street artists, homeless, basically those who rely very little on the stock market for happiness.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Thoms

Via Arrested Motion

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    Hey Zak,

    Thanks for your criticisms. You’re right – I clearly should have caught that.

    You have a good point on the location. Having little to no foot traffic was probably a major advantage for Mr. Thoms. The internet has become an amazing resource for people who would never get the opportunity to see certain works due to their location, but I’m also noticing a trend of work being less and less about the physical audience. The internet is the most visible spot he could put this piece (you’re right!) but I wish it had been done in a spot where more people could see it in person.